Wednesday, November 19, 2008

slightly amusing. even though she woke me up ;)

frantic call from the jew this morning in which she sounded like a scared first time mother.

jew: "something's wrong with tucker"
me: "what do you mean?"
jew: "his ears are back & his tail is between his legs & he's shaking & looks miserable in general."
me: "is he cold?"
jew: "what?"
me: "is he cold? was he just outside?"
jew: "yeah..."
me: "touch his it cold?"
jew: "like ice"
me: "wrap him in a blanket & hold him for a little bit, he'll be all right."
jew: "oh. ok. good. i just thought....the last time he was like that he ended up in the emergency room. i was worried."
me: "no, he's fine. he just doesn't know when to not play outside."

tucker's favorite season is winter. he won't come inside until he's almost frozen. he loves to sled once the snow comes. yes, ruskie, there will be pictures of this. :)


Ann said...

Awww... Tucker is so cute!!!!

He's like me and water... won't come out until my lips are blue.

Lindsay said...

I <3 Tucker