Thursday, February 28, 2008

these are the stations of joy

it's times like these, exchanging hushed conversation over coffee and pb&j sandwiches at 5:48 am that i know that i made the right decision to move. not just to arlington, but away from indiana.

it's times like these, giving the a mini-pep talk at 5:57am that i know everything happens for a reason.

it's times like this, sitting at my computer at 6:07, unable to sleep, needing to get out words that won't form coherently, that i know i'm right where i want to be.

it's times like these when i feel inspired.

and happy.

and that hasn't happened for a very long time.

Monday, February 11, 2008

if we were like 90 years old this would be acceptable behavior for a monday night...

me + the jew + the ruskie + one living room + online word games = roommate bonding like no other.

of course the only words really exchanged were "yours." "your turn." "it's yours."

i don't think this is the type of bonding the park bros has in mind, but whatever works, right?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

the jew, she has arrived

So the Katz is all moved in. Or, at least, her shit is here. Now we're waiting for the Ruskie to move in this weekend. Even if it is temporarily and even if she is a Commie, she deserves to have stuff.

The Jew and I realized that we're highly inappropriate around each other. In a non-inappropriate way. But still. Very funny.

I hope the Commie can handle it.

And I hope she's not offended by me calling her a Commie. It's all inappropriate fun, in the way I call the Jew the Jew and myself the Gypsy.

(exchange regarding the Commie being called as such ....
me: I'm calling her the Commie...or the Ruskie.
Katz: did you clear this with her?
me: no..but I said that I hope she's not offended...really, she's moving in with someone that calls herself a Gypsy and you the Jew...what does she expect?)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A blog about a gypsy. No, seriously, A REAL ONE!

Our house has come with it's very own Gypsy-like lady. I'm not kidding about this.

A little back story....

Last week, prior to me moving in, I was at the new house painting. And I heard a knock on the door. So I opened it thinking it might be our "howdy neighbors" (as I like to call them). But NO! It was this little old lady dressed like a gypsy. And she had this little Eastern European accent. And was creepy in a cute old lady gypsy way. So, she asks if I own the house and I inform her that we're renting it. Here's the exchange:

"Oh. You and your husband?"
"No. Me and my friend."
"Your friend?"
"And you rent whole house?"
"Yes. The whole house."
"All the rooms?"
"Yes. All the rooms."
"Oh, 'cause I saw house was very expensive and thought I could help you pay it."
"No. We rented the whole house."
"All the rooms."
"All the rooms."
"What about that one?"

AND THEN SHE PUSHED PASSED ME INTO MY HOUSE! I was really caught off guard, I must say.

"Um...excuse me?"
"This room? You rent it?"
"Yes, we rented it."
"Oh. And upstairs?"
"We rented that too."
"Whole house?"
"All rented."

and then my dog, Tucker, comes running up to her trying to play and she starts to shriek.

"Yes. He rented the whole house too."
"Oh. Well I don't like dogs. I can't live here. I'm moving to Manassas"

And then she left.

So then the next day she came back again and asked about our contractor who painted the Jew's room. I pointed to Cenk's sign in the front yard. The end.

But then! Today I get home from running errands and what do I find on our front porch step? Not a package....but.... A GYPSY.

Yes, she was back. Sitting on our step. I asked her to leave and she started in about how she needed a place to live. Finally I told her that she needed to leave before I called the police. And then she started crying. So I held the front porch door open for her since I didn't want her running into anything with all the tears running down her face.

I thought DC was weird....

I should have bottled her tears. They're probably good luck.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

rockin' the suburbs...

All moved in. Not necessarily unpacked, but at least moved in. I'm flying solo for now since the jew hasn't moved in yet. She's been here the whole time though so it doesn't get that lonely yet. A few things about the house...

We don't know why the dryer buzzes. Not when it's done, mind you, but for no apparent reason in no specific increment of time. Can someone explain this to us?

We have weird water beetles. We know not where they come from or where they go once we spot them. We just want them gone.

The thermostat is wonky. We know not how to make it work. At this point we're willing to bribe the thermostat into working. I swear.

Also, Katzif lip-syncing to "Bright Eyes (total eclipse of the heart)"? Totally worth all the moving trauma.

Our neighbors must think we're the weirdest people ever.

Because we are.