Tuesday, December 2, 2008

total cop out.

the ruskie says that mama ruskie (who is made of awesome) wants me to update this blog. so this is an update. but really it's not because nothing ever happens in our house anymore. we've become relatively normal. though this conversation did take place yesterday upon the jew's return from her thanksgiving trip:

jew (opens the refrigerator. looks in.): is there a fruit basket in the refrigerator?
gypsy: yes.
jew (pauses, does her curious but not so much as to ask face): ok. (closes the refrigerator)

the end. see? not very interesting.

but i rest comfortably knowing this:

ComradeRuskie (1:52:38 PM): btw my mom wants you to update your blog
Gypsy (1:52:47 PM): sure she does
ComradeRuskie (1:53:26 PM): no really, she loves it
ComradeRuskie (1:53:32 PM): probably more than mine
gypsy (1:55:57 PM): i'm sorry
ComradeRuskie (1:56:10 PM): UGH
gypsy (1:57:18 PM): :)


Lindsay said...

mama ruskie would like more tucker photos

gypsy said...

well mama ruskie can do what i told lil ruskie to do...come over and take some...and pick up her damn mail too! :)